Baby safety mat - cot fall protection. Protection if your baby climbs out of his or her cot.


The BabyCloud is a new inflatable safety device which surrounds a baby’s cot or toddler bed to safeguard against them being injured if they climb out or fall out.

BabyCloud safety mat

My name is Dan and I was first alerted to the need for the BabyCloud after seeing my young son trying to get his leg over the top rail of his cot to climb out, and was horrified to think of the consequences, especially if it were to happen during the night.  So my wife and I started a search online for some kind of protective mat just in case he was to fall/climb out, but we couldn’t find anything.  Then we started searching for incidence of babies or toddlers that had actually fallen to the floor and had been injured, just to evaluate if we were being overprotective and worrying too much, but we were absolutely shocked to realise that this is a common problem with no viable solution.  It has affected thousands of babies as young as four months old, right up to children of four or five years old, but one of the most crucial times for the BabyCloud to be in place is when the child is too small to be in a stand-alone bed and too tall to remain in a cot, and the most frightening part for parents is that they just don’t know when their little one will decide to make a break for it, or at least try !  My wife and I also learned from experience that once your child has made the transition from cot to open bed they feel uninhibited by the edges, as they’ve always had the reassurance of the cot bars to keep them in place, so falling is virtually guaranteed.

BabyCloud safety matDue to the physiology of babies being top heavy they tend to fall head first when they climb out of their cot, which from a standard sized cot would be an equivalent drop for an adult of approximately 10 to 12 feet, and with the addition of soft bones and a semi-formed skull the consequences really can be horrendous.  The falls tend to result in most injuries being in the head, neck and face region, but they can also suffer back injuries, broken limbs and bruises.  According to the NHS’s own statistics, around 3,000 babies and toddlers are admitted to hospital each year in the UK following a fall from their cot or bed, and in the USA this figure is over 10,000 per year (according to a lengthy national study out of Columbus Hospital, Ohio of cases from 0 to 2 years old only).  Unfortunately these figures do not take into account trips to A&E or just to the GP’s surgery following a fall, so the actual reported incident figure would be considerably higher if the full statistics were taken into consideration.

BabyCloud safety matThere was one very sad incident that I read about involving a one year old boy in the US that fell out of his cot and hit the floor, banging his head in the process.  His mother rushed him to hospital and after examining him the doctors determined that he had suffered some bruising but was otherwise ok, however unfortunately he died the next day from a blood clot in his brain as a direct result of the fall.

I believe that because being in a cot is considered a safe environment for a baby most parents would not even consider there to be a danger of this happening, but after conducting extensive research, including talking to numerous parents that have experienced it, it is clear that there is a definite need for the BabyCloud to be in place around every cot.  It offers a very simple but effective means of safeguarding against this unthinkable danger and will in time save a huge number of babies and toddlers from devastating injuries such as a fractured skull, broken neck, concussion, broken limbs and even death.

BabyCloud safety matOnce installed and inflated the Babycloud will ensure a soft landing should this frightening danger manifest, and due to the innovative internal structure, the impact protection draws the shock of the fall towards the centre of the device where it is distributed and eliminated, which ensures that there is no risk of an uncontrolled bouncing effect. It also comes equipped with a remote controlled vibration sensing alarm, which will sound if the body of the device moves whilst activated.  When parents enter the nursery to check on their child at any point they are free to step on to the BabyCloud once they have deactivated the alarm with the remote control.  The BabyCloud also has a ‘glow in the dark’ strip around the cloud design that will enable parents to avoid tripping over it during the night.  You can also have the reassurance of the BabyCloud when travelling, as it’s light enough and versatile enough to be easily deflated and packed for peace of mind wherever you go.



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